GSF Named Research Awards

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies administers a variety of awards and grants of up to $1,500 to currently enrolled Duke students in recognition of outstanding scholarship and research. The awards have been generously endowed through the Council on Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, alumnae/i, and friends. Please send an email to the Directors of Undergraduate or Graduate Studies if you need additional information. Click the award links below for the specific requirements of each award, and complete the online application for award consideration.  Students enrolled in the Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies major, minor or Graduate Certificate programs will have priority for these awards.

The Gender and Race Research Award

The Gender and Race Research Award is given to undergraduate and graduate students whose projects promote scholarly exploration and research on gender and race. It is also awarded to outstanding final research papers addressing gender and race, especially in GSF-Housed Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies courses. Self- and faculty nominations are welcome.

The Dora Anne Little Award

The Dora Anne Little Award is given to a Duke student at the undergraduate or graduate level, who has excelled in service to the campus and community which extends beyond the classroom. Students can self-nominate or be nominated for this award.

The Anne McDougall Memorial Award 

The Anne McDougall Memorial Award is given to a Duke woman undergraduate or graduate student who pursues areas of human service by studying psychology and related fields. Students can self nominate or be nominated by Duke  faculty for this award. Preference is given to returning gender, sexuality and feminist  students.

The Anne Firor Scott Award

This Anne Firor Scott Award, administered by the History Department, is to enable access to archives and resource centers where students can use original historical materials. This award is specifically for students engaged in research in women's history, Please contact the History Department for more information.