Research Assistants (RA)

The Research Assistant (RA) role offers overlooked benefits beyond offering a source of income. Working with GSFS faculty, who generally will come from field's outside of one's home department, exposes RAs to a broader interdisciplinary array of methods, questions, and resources, which may have relevance for graduate research but which otherwise brings familiarity with other streams of scholarship in the gender/sexuality field. RAs have often formed long term associations with their faculty supervisor, who may become an informal mentor, a letter writer, or source of entrée into professional domains. Having faculty connections beyond one's home discipline is particularly important for the interdisciplinary scope of the GSFS and Women's Studies field.

At least one Research Assistantship is available each semester. At times, we can divide one RA position into two half-time roles. Graduate students filling these positions typically work with faculty on research or at times in other professional domains (e.g., on funded lecture series; doing outreach for a program). On rare occasion, they may be assigned time in the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Office. The pay is the standard of $6,000 (payment is dependent on the applicants funding status). Official hours are approximately 19.5 per week; actual hours are arranged with the faculty member supervisor.

How to Apply

These positions are open to all Duke University Arts & Sciences doctoral students with preference given to students enrolled in the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies’ Certificate or Graduate Scholars Colloquium. M.A. or M.F.A. students may be eligible as well. The program issues calls for RAships.

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