Contract & Guidelines

The East Duke Parlors are maintained by the University and Women's College alumnae for use by Duke groups. The Parlor Room rental fee is $100 per room (there are two Parlors: Blue and Pink).    

All rental fees will be paid by your submitted fundcode and processed by Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies.

Your event may be subject to additional housekeeping and recycling fees and they are explained below.

The following guidelines must be followed. Failure to follow any of the guidelines will result in loss of reservation privileges.

Making a Reservation

In order to reserve the Parlors, contact the Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies office at 684-5683 between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. or email (, as soon as you know the date of your event. If the room is available, your reservation will be HELD at this time. You must complete the online contract within 3 days of the initial hold request.  

Signing the Contract

The person signing the contract must be able to assume financial responsibility should any damages occur.

Picking Up the Keys

Keys can be picked up from the front desk in the Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies office at 210 East Duke Building Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Call ahead to confirm someone is available: 684-5683. Users are required to sign for the keys upon pick up and again when the keys are returned. Keys will not be released without a signed contract and rental payment.

Opening Building After Hours or Weekend Hours

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies is not responsible for insuring that the building is open for your event. If the event is before 8:30 a.m., after 5 p.m., or on a weekend, you must contact Trinity office of Facilities ( to have the East Duke Building opened. The request should state the Event room, date and time you need access to the East Duke Building.  

Heating and AC

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies is not responsible for the temperature of the Parlors; they are regulated by Facilities and Management at 684-2122. We suggest you check the temperature in the Parlors before your event because it takes about two hours for the temperature to be adjusted. 

Technical Equipment

  • Flat-panel display and speakers for presentations and content
  • Laptop connection (HDMI + adaptors)
  • Built-in PC (can bring a USB drive)
  • Event recording (single camera with moveable mic pucks)


Food can only be served on the hallway table between the two parlors. Food is not to be taken into the Parlors and any spills or stains in the Parlors will result in an additional charge for cleaning. We suggest finger foods that are not messy. No red wine, tomato sauce or gravy, please. If your event will be catered, please note on the contract what types of food will be served.

Recyclables and Trash — IMPORTANT

Be environmentally conscious. All recyclables are to be placed in the recycle bins which are located outside the parlors, with additional bins at the front entry doors. All trash must be disposed of in the marked trash bins. For parlor use Monday-Thursday, please carry away trash if it exceeds the trash can's capacity. If you are renting the parlors Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will be responsible for paying for housekeeping services (see below)

Please note you may be responsible for additional housekeeping or recycling fees rented on a weekend or if deemed necessary by Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies based on the number of attendees and time of event. The fee for housekeeping is $35 per hour with a minimum of two hours. The fee for Duke Recycles special pick-up is $35. The fees will be charged by housekeeping to your fund code by an IR completed and submitted to the respective department.

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies does not determine the amount of the fees charged by Housekeeping or Duke Recycles. All fees accessed and collected are paid directly to Housekeeping or Duke Recycles.

Handicap Access

The East Duke Parlors are ADA accessible.

Parking: Accessible parking is located at the circle parking area between East Duke and White Lecture Hall.

Access: Accessible pathway into East Duke is available from the parking lot by taking the White Lecture Hall elevator located on the ground floor to the 1st floor and crossing the walkway into East Duke. There is an automatic door opener with remote control capability on 1st floor entrance.


There is a unisex restroom is located on the first floor near the main entrance. Additional restrooms are located in White Lecture Hall adjacent to the East Duke Building and accessible through a bridged walkway.

Using the Parlors

Most of the furniture is antique and is fragile. Great care must be taken when moving any of the seating. Only the seating may be moved! There are stacking chairs to use for overflow seating. Each room accommodates 35- 40 people seated and together both rooms can handle receptions up to 100 people.

  • The windows in both parlors are permanently locked and cannot be opened; the sheer curtains should remain in place.
  • Nothing is to be placed on the walls. Do not use masking tape or any other adhesive for ANY reason.
  • Light switches are located in the door frame outside the doors facing the main hallway. Do NOT switch individual lamps on and off.
  • Once unlocked, the parlors are not to be left unattended at any time.
  • Please read Recyclables and Trash for additional information.
  • The East Duke Building is smoke-free. 

Closing the Parlors

  • Restack all plastic chairs and return all furniture to its original place.
  • Lock both doors. The double doors facing the smaller corridor/lobby need to be re-bolted if both of them have been opened. This task is sometimes easier with two people than with one. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THAT ALL DOORS ARE LOCKED.
  • Turn off the lights from the switches in the hallway.

Returning the Keys

The keys need to be returned immediately after the event; the following business day or on the first weekday following the event. You must sign in the log when returning.

Assuming Financial Responsibility

Your group will be held financially responsible for all damages or additional housekeeping or recycling charges. Damages must be reported when the keys are returned. Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies checks the parlors after each event and makes any and all determination of damages.

In Case of an Emergency

Dial 911 or Duke Police Department at 684-2444. For building emergencies contact Facilities Management at 684-2122.

Future Use

You or the group you are representing may be refused future parlors reservations if the above conditions are not met.