Duke on Gender Colloquium

The Duke on Gender Colloquium brings together Duke faculty from humanities and social sciences and visiting scholars and offers a multi-disciplinary space to develop and present current research and further critical conversations within gender and women's history, gender and queer theory, sexuality studies, transgender studies, and the study of feminism, social movements, and contemporary social issues and policy in a transnational world.

Sponsored by the Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies and the History Department with support from the Office of the Dean of Faculty and the Office of the Provost and additional academic units that differ annually. 

Co-Directors of the Duke on Gender Colloquium

2015-2016 and 2016-2017: Elizabeth Grosz and Anna Krylova

2017-2021: Frances S. Hasso and Anna Krylova

2021-2022:  Anna Krylova and Gabriel Rosenberg


2021-22 Duke on Gender Colloquium Schedule













Oct. Duke on Gender Colloquium FLyer

Trans Politics Now: Seminar with Jules Gill-Peterson

Friday, October 15, 2021 – (VIDEO RECORDING) *coming soon*


Jules Gill-Peterson, History Department, John Hopkins University


Peter Sigal, Duke History, GSFS




Oct. 2021 Duke on Gender Colloquium event flyer

How and Why Some U.S. Billionaires Are Funding Anti-Feminism, Global Homophobia, and Other Attacks on Democracy

Friday, November 5, 2021 – (VIDEO RECORDING) *coming soon*


Lisa Graves, Executive Director of True North Research and President of the Board of the Center for Media and Democracy
Nancy MacLean, Duke History, GSFS

CHAIR:   Anna Krylova, Duke History, GSFS



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The Natures of Desire: A Conversation on Queerness and the Wild

Friday, January 28, 2022 – (VIDEO RECORDING) *coming soon*


Jack Halberstam, English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University, New York
Gabriel Rosenberg, Duke GSFS, History





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Buried in the Red Dirt: Race, Reproduction and Death in Modern Palestine by Frances Hasso
A Conversation with Dr. Rhoda Kanaaneh

Friday, February 11, 2022 – (VIDEO RECORDING)


Frances Hasso, GSFS, Sociology, History Department, Duke University
Rhoda Kanaaneh, Research Scholar, Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University

CHAIR:   Anna Krylova, Duke History, GSFS

Duke on Gender Colloquium 2020-2021 Flyer


Duke on Gender Event - Mar Hicks

Programmed Inequality:  How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost its Edge in Computing.  Conversation with Mar Hicks

Friday, February 26, 2021        


Anna Krylova, Duke History, Gender, Sexuality & Feminist


Mar Hicks, Lewis College of Science and Letters, Illinois Institute of Technology 

Jan. 2021 Duke on Gender Colloquium

Black Feminism Beyond the Human

Friday, January 29, 2021       VIDEO RECORDING


Frances Hasso, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist
Studies, Sociology, History, Duke University


Zakiyyah Iman Jackson, Department of English, University of Southern California 

Aesthetic Architectures of the Flesh

Patrice Douglass, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Duke University

Belle's Beloved:  Hauntings, Feminized Slave Ships, and the (Im)possibility of Writing Black Women

Oct 2020 Duke on Gender

Social Movements and Women's Agency in the 20th Century

Friday, October 16, 2020


Anna Krylova, History Department, Duke University


Keisha N. Blain, History Department, University of Pittsburgh

"Friends of Japan":  African American Women's Visions of Afro-Asian Solidarity

Nicole Barnes, History Department, Duke University

When Patriarchy Unsettles Itself:  Women in China's War of Resistance against Japan, 1937-1945

Oct 2019 Duke on Gender

Diasporic Legacies and Black Feminist Sonic Visualities

Monday, October 21, 2019


Patrice Douglass, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Duke University


Daphne Brooks, African American Studies, American Studies, and Women's, Gender, and Studies, Yale University

Black Girl Broken Records:  Race, Gender, Sound & the Archive

Yona Harvey, Department of English and Creative Writing, University of Pittsburgh

"The Fifth Dimension":  Black Feminist Resistance and Visual Storytelling

Meta DuEwa Jones, Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

From Soul to Soul through Soul on Soul:  An Open Letter to the Diaspora's "Homegirls"


Spring 2020 Duke on Gender

Concepts of Care

Friday, January 24, 2020


Ingrid Meintjes, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Duke University


Yolonda Y. Wilson, National Humanities Center Fellow

Race, Gender, Class, and Cargiving

Black Girl Broken Records:  Race, Gender, Sound & the Archive

Jocelyn Olcott, Department of History, International Comparative Studies, and Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Duke University

The Decoloniality of Care

Sept 2018 Duke on Gender Colloquium

Black Muslims and the Black Arts Movement

Friday, September 21, 2018


Israel Durham, President's Postdoctoral Fellow, English Department, University of Maryland


Su`ad Abdul Khabeer, American Culture and Arab and Muslim American Studies, University of Michigan

"Muslim Cool:  Race, Religion and Hip Hop in the United States"

Ellen McLarney, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University

"blk visions for blk lives':  Sonia Sanchez's Muslim Poetry"

Oct. 2018 Duke on Gender Event

Gender, Race, and Labor in the Academy

Monday, October 22, 2018


Frances S. Hasso, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, History and Sociology, Duke University


Grace Kyungwon Hong, Gender Studies and Asian American Studies, UCLA

"Bringing Out the Dead:  Black Feminism's Impossible Politics"

Jasmine Nichole Cobb, African & African American Studies and Art, Art History and Visual Studies, Duke University

"The Side Part of Alienation"


January 2019 Duke on Gender

Transnationally Thinking Men and Masculinities

Friday, January 25, 2019


Frances S. Hasso, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Sociology, Duke University


Matthew Gutmann, Department of Anthropology, Brown University

"Out of Control: The Male Body as Biological Fetish" 

Brendan Jamal Thornton, Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"Intimate Spirits:  Men, Sex, and the Anthropology of Supernatural Seduction"

Oct. 2017 Duke on Gender

Interventions on the Colonial and Postcolonial: 
The Case of Psychoanalysis

Friday, October 6, 2017


Antonio Viego, Romance Studies, Program in Literature, Duke University


Ankhi Mukherjee, Wadham College, Oxford University

"Psychomattering: The Analyst as Muse of History in Disaster Zones"

Ranjana Khanna, English Department, Program in Literature, Duke University

"Death Drives: International Psychoanalysis Again"

Nov. 2017 Duke on Gender

Marxism, Socialism, Feminism: 
A Transnational Conversation 

Monday, November 6, 2017


Frances S. Hasso, Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, Sociology, and  History Department, Duke University


Rebecca Karl, History Department, NYU

"Anarcho-feminism and Revolution in China's Early Twentieth Century"

Anna Krylova, History Department, Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, Duke University

"Bolshevik Feminism and Gender Trajectories of the Russian Revolution"

Kristen Ghodsee, Cultural Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

"Reverberations of the Revolution: Cold War Rivalries and Global Women's Rights"

Lisa Disch, Political Science, University of Michigan

"Christine Delphy's Overlooked 'French Feminism"' 

Kathi Weeks, Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, Duke University

"A Counter-Archive for the Future of U.S. Marxist Feminist Theory"

Nov. 2016 Duke on Gender


Friday, November 18, 2016


Rey Chow, Program in Literature, Duke University


Anjali Arondekar, Feminist Studies Department, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Telling Tales:  Sexuality's Historiography" 

Pete Sigal, History Department, Duke University

"Aztecs and Hottentots:  An International Romance"

Feb. 2017 Duke on Gender

Regulating Intimacy and Constituting Community in Taiwan and China

Friday, February 17, 2017


Juliette Duara, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University


Sara L. Friedman, Anthropology and Gender Studies, Indiana University

"Stranger Anxiety:  Intimate Recognition in Taiwan" 

Carlos Rojas, AMES, GSF, and AMI, Duke University

"Of Lice and Men:  Configurations of Community in China"

April 2017 Duke on Gender

Feminist Visions and Activist Dilemmas of the 
US Black Lives Matter, and South Africa Fees Must Fall 
Movements:  A Transnational Conversation 

Friday, April 14, 2017


Anne-Maria B. Makhulu, Cultural Anthropology and AAAS, Duke University


Xhercis Mendez, Philosophy and African American and African Studies, Michigan State University

"Weaving Decolonial Feminist Visions and Methodologies: Women of Color Feminisms and the Creators of Black Lives Matter" 

Anne-Maria B. Makhulu, Duke Cultural Anthropology and African and African American Studies, Duke University

Kathryn Mathers, International Comparative Studies, Duke University

Oct. 2, 2015 Duke on Gender

Theorizing Gender:  Thinking and Using Theory Differently

Friday, October 2, 2015


Priscilla Wald, English Department and Women's Studies, Duke University


Elizabeth Grosz, Women's Studies and Program in Literature, Duke University

"Concepts in Feminist Theory"

Anna Krylova, History Department and Women's Studies, Duke University

"Turning Theory into a Historical Practice: A Case of Gender"

Oct. 23, 2015 Duke on Gender

Masculinities in the Making:  Iranian and Egyptian Film

Friday, October 23, 2015


Guo-Juin Hong, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and Director of the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image, Duke University


Minoo Moallem, UC Berkeley Gender & Women's Studies Department

"War Movies and Fractured Notions of Masculinity"

Frances S. Hasso, Women's Studies and Sociology, Duke University

"Masculinities, Ideology, and Revolutionary Traces in Post-2011 Egyptian Film"

Feb. 2016 Duke on Gender

The Transnational and the Local in 1970s-1980s Feminism

Friday, February 19, 2016


Anna Krylova, History Department and Women's Studies, Duke University


Judith Walkowitz, NHC Fellow, Johns Hopkins History Department

"Feminism, Urban Space, and the Politics of Prostitution in London in the 1980s"

Jocelyn Olcott, History Department and Women's Studies, Duke University

"Dissensus Feminism:  The 1970s Roots of Decoloniality"