The Dean of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences has established formal academic advising periods that extend over several calendar weeks prior to preregistration in the fall and spring during which students meet with their assigned advisors. The purpose of these advising sessions is to engage in a dialogue about the student's long-range goals at Duke and an assessment as to how the coming semester's courses will contribute toward those goals. 

Getting an Advisor

Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies majors will be assigned an advisor from the GSF faculty when the student enrolls in the major. A student who is considering a GSF major or is a declared GSF major must complete and regularly update the major form with their GSF faculty advisor before they are cleared for registration. A student who is considering a GSF minor or is a declared GSF minor must complete and regularly update the minor form with the Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUSA).


During each of the book-bagging and registration periods, a student whose first or second major is Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies is required to meet with their assigned department faculty advisor to discuss progress toward completion of the major. Students are not cleared for registration by GSF until they are approved by their GSF faculty advisor. It is the student's responsibility to secure an appointment before the end of their registration window by directly emailing their advisor. Declared GSF majors must update the major form with their faculty advisor or the minor form with the DUSA. The faculty advisor will submit the approved and updated GSF major form to the DUSA each term and they will file it. Similarly, the DUSA will file the approved and updated minor form each term. 

Being Prepared for Your Advisor

A few simple steps will facilitate a useful advising session. Study the Major & Minor Requirements and Courses sections on the GSF webpage and come prepared with questions that require resolution or clarification. Bookbag the courses you wish to take on DukeHub and bring a list of those courses to the meeting with the faculty member for majors or the DUSA for minors. Have your filled-out or updated GSF major or GSF minor form in hand or available electronically during the meeting.

Other Advising Resources

Michael S. Domeracki, PhD
Director of Academic Engagement, Social Sciences
Academic Advising Center