Dr. Kathy Rudy has been a member of GSF at Duke (formerly known as Women’s Studies) since the 1980s. A member of the first class of Duke Women’s Studies certificate students in 1989 and the first to receive tenure in the department in 1999, Rudy has taught a wide range of topics, from Reproductive Ethics to Gender and Popular Culture. Her early research focuses on these subjects, as well as religious ethics, sexuality, feminist theory, and most saliently, reimagining animal advocacy. In her 2011 publication, Loving… read more about Happy Retirement to Dr. Kathy Rudy »

Isabel Siebrecht is a graduating senior with majors in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (GSF) and Global Health and has served as a Trinity Ambassador for GSF. Trinity Ambassadors are student volunteers, nominated by their departments, to serve in this unique and important role. We asked a few of the ambassadors from the Class of 2024 to share their favorite memories from Duke. The below interview has been slightly edited for clarity.   What was one of the most impactful classes you took during your… read more about Class of 2024: Isabel Siebrecht »

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick was a bright and beloved academic star who helped bring “queer theory” into the world. Sedgwick’s thoroughly original work put Duke — where she was a professor from 1988 to 1997 — on the map of cutting-edge scholarship in the humanities. For Sedgwick, queer theory was much more than an academic field devoted to thinking about gay and lesbian sexualities. She made it into an imaginatively expansive, welcoming space where thinking itself can live and thrive and move — lovingly, erotically — across the… read more about Casting New Eyes Onto Queer Theory Through Eve Sedgwick’s White Glasses  »

Dr. Storti's article “Living an Abolitionist Life” was published in Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies within a special issue on Asian American Abolition Feminism. “Living an Abolitionist Life” is at once a testimony to the everyday praxis of abolition feminism and a theoretical framework for understanding the abolitionist impulse characteristic of an anti-carceral Asian American feminist praxis. Using Sara Ahmed’s feminist scholarship as a guide, the author observes various shifts from the… read more about Anna Storti Published in Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies »

R Morris Levine's essay "Freely Espousing: James Schuyler, Surveillance Poetry, and the Queer Otic” was published in the latest issue of Diacritics, released just this morning. “Freely Espousing,” which considers the New York School Poet James Schuyler’s refunctionalization of tools of mid-century state auditory surveillance as queer poetic tactics, was included on the occasion of the 2022 School of Criticism and Theory Essay Prize. Read the article here. read more about GSF Certificate Student R Morris Levine Published in Diacritics Journal »

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) named Nicki Washington, Director of the Identity in Computing Lab and the Cue Family Professor of the Practice of Computer Science and Professor of the Practice in the Department of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, the recipient of the 2024 Joanne McGrath Cohoon Service Award. “Dr. Washington has been a fervent advocate for graduate students and early career scholars to have a platform and access to positions of power to raise our concerns and… read more about Nicki Washington Receives NCWIT Award  »

“Children know how to tell their stories,” Annette Joseph-Gabriel said. It’s imperative that we listen. Joseph-Gabriel, John Spencer Bassett Associate Professor of Romance Studies and associate professor of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies at Duke, is letting the voices of long-dead children be her guide in her newest book, Enslaved Childhoods: Survival and Storytelling in the Atlantic World, under contract with Harvard University Press. She received a Fellowship from the National… read more about NEH Fellowship Supports Research on Enslaved Childhoods  »

In the Spring of 2023, the newly founded Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Student Union hit the ground running with a tabling event on the Bryan Center plaza. The students behind the Union’s first initiative aimed to survey the Duke community about their GSF-related interests. To do so, they set up a poster board in the plaza on a busy day and asked passers-by, primarily other students, what GSF topics most interested them. Over the course of a few hours, the poster board accumulated post-it notes with a wide variety… read more about GSF Students Form a Union! »

Dr. Anna Storti’s Intro to Asian American and Diaspora Studies course shared an Instagram post to promote the class and share some of what they are learning. “Hi! We are the Spring 2024 class of Intro to Asian American and Diaspora Studies. Welcome to our AADStagram😎 We are taught by the amazing Dr. Anna Storti aka we are Storti’s Scholars. In Duke’s centennial year, we are proud to be one of the first official cohorts of AADS students in Duke’s history. The AADS program has been made possible through decades of tireless… read more about Dr. Anna Storti's Students Create a Class Instagram »

Kimberly Lamm recently published the article “The Fascinance of the Maternal Gaze: Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s Woodshock” in the collection Fashion and Motherhood: Image, Material, Identity, edited by Laura Snelgrove. The article analyses the film Woodshock (2017), the first full-length feature film directed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy, sisters and self-taught designers of the fashion line Rodarte. The designs of the Mulleavy sisters are known for their unabashed adoration of femininity, and Lamm argues that Woodshock--a wild… read more about Professor Kimberly Lamm Published in "Fashion and Motherhood" »

Edith London, In Flight, 1995. Mixed media, 13 x 16 inches (33 x 40.6 cm). Collection of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Museum purchase and partial gift of Lee Hansley Gallery; 1997.25.1. Courtesy Nasher Museum of Art “It’s fulfilling to have a collaborative public outcome born from a course,” Saskia Ziolkowski, associate professor in Romance Studies, admits. She’s referencing Mapping Jewish Modernism, an exhibit currently on view through August at the Rubenstein… read more about Charting the Landscape of Jewish Modernism »

Henschel leads an editing workshop. (John West/Trinity Communications) Lauren Henschel is flipping the script on traditional evaluation methods. As co-leader of an interdisciplinary Trinity initiative that gives students in certain courses the option to create a video project for their final as opposed to a written paper, she’s introducing students to new skills as directors, interviewers and producers. An Associate in Research in the Gender Sexuality and Feminist Studies… read more about A Movie Script Ending: Bringing Film Into the Classroom »

The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin (2019) is a fantasy-documentary film directed by Kim Dong-ryung and Park Kyoung-tae. The film narrates the story of Park In-sun, a former sex worker in the United States military camp-town in South Korea. This paper closely analyzes four key scenes from the film – interview, field visit, revenge, and recalcitrance – to present two arguments. Read Full Article HERE read more about Performing recalcitrance: film The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin (2019) beyond social death of sexual violence in the United States military camp-town, South Korea »

Sarah Quesada, Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of Romance Studies and Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies is the recipient of a 2023 Honorable Mention for a First Book from The Modern Language Association of America (MLA) for The African Heritage of Latinx and Caribbean Literature, published by Cambridge University Press.     The award committee stated: "Sarah M. Quesada’s The African Heritage of Latinx and Caribbean Literature is a… read more about Sarah Quesada Receives MLA 2023 Honorable Mention for First Book »

On Wednesday, Nov. 8th, the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies held the Annual Queer Theory Lecture, held in honor of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (1950-2009). Sedgwick was a professor of English at Duke for much of her career. In her time in Durham, she published Epistemology of the Closet in 1990 and Tendencies in 1993. Sedgwick’s legacy as a founding scholar in the field of queer theory has shaped Duke GSF as a leading center for sexuality studies. The… read more about Annual Queer Theory Lecture with Lynne Huffer »

FOOT FETISH Ron DeSantis’s Weird Boots and the Cruel Campiness of the GOP Primary A drag analysis of “bootgate” Fellas, is it gay to be obsessed with another man’s feet? Once upon a time, the Republican base would have frowned at it, for sure. But over the past several months, Governor Ron DeSantis’s footwear has increasingly become an object of lurid attention on the internet. Stoked by DeSantis’s Trumpist foes, as well as by Donald Trump himself and his social media team, internet commenters… read more about Gabriel Rosenberg's article in The New Republic - A drag analysis of "bootgate" »

The second volume of Rethinking Women’s and Gender Studies addresses the complexities and inherent paradoxes within the expansive knowledge project known as Women’s and Gender Studies for audiences both inside and adjacent to the field. Each of the volume’s chapters identifies and critically examines a key term that circulates in this field, exploring how the term has come to be understood and mobilized within its everyday narratives and practices. In constructing provocative genealogies for their terms… read more about Kimberly Lamm's Chapter "The Gaze" written in the collection titled "Rethinking Women's and Gender Studies" »

On Wednesday, October 4th, Duke GSF hosted Professor Kadji Amin from Emory University’s Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies for a presentation in the East Duke Parlors as a part of this year’s research theme, “histories of the transgender present.” In her introduction, Professor of Literature Robyn Wiegman referred to Amin’s visit as “a much-anticipated queer homecoming,” as Amin received his PhD from Duke in Romance Studies and received the GSF certificate in Feminist Studies. Professor Amin, currently on… read more about Kadji Amin Presents "The Respectability Politics of Gender Identity" »

Video of the book talk Greggor Mattson gave at Duke University sponsored by Duke Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies Department. Gay bars have been closing by the hundreds. Jolted by the closing of his favorite local watering hole in Cleveland, Ohio, Greggor Mattson embarked on a journey to 300 gay bars in 39 states to paint a much more complex picture of the cultural significance of these spaces, inside the “big four” gay cities, but also beyond them. read more about Book Talk "Who Needs Gay Bars?" by Greggor Mattson »

GSF is excited to offer three new courses this upcoming spring semester. To highlight these never-before-seen opportunities, the course professors sat down to share why and how they believe these courses will interest you. These interviews are intended to provide not just a description of the class, but a glimpse into each professor’s motivations for creating their course, as well as their hopes for the Spring. GSF 290S Feminist Podcasting – Rachel Gelfand When you created this course what was your… read more about Announcing three new course offerings! »

On Thursday, September 21st, GSF kicked off a new series, “Gender Studies Then,” which will mark two anniversaries: the roughly half-century since the start of the field of Women’s Studies and the 40th anniversary of Duke’s program. The event, “A 1970s Salon,” invited a dozen faculty from several departments to a conversation about feminist texts from “the long 1970s” that held meaning for them in some way. The speakers explained their affiliations to their chosen texts: while in some cases, the piece was a formative spark… read more about First in the Gender Studies Then Series - 70's Salon: A Conversation with Faculty »