2021-2022 Honors Theses

Katherine Gan, Excavating the Afterlives of Empire through Asian/American
Women’s Aesthetics & Poetry

Research Advisor: Anna Storti (Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies)

Awarded Highest Honors and winner of the 2022 Honor's Thesis Distinction Prize in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Tiana Horace, A Narrative Approach to the Experiences of Black Queer Students at a Historically White University
Research Advisor: Jennifer Nash (Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies)

Awarded High Honors

Zadaiah Roye, Partus Sequitar Ventrem: A Historical Approach to Reimagining Black Motherhood in the Southern United States
Research Advisor: Gabriel Rosenberg (Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies)

Awarded High Honors