Teaching Assistants (TA)

Graduate students serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a selection of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies undergraduate classes. The responsibilities of a TA can vary from class to class but generally TAs are involved in grading, leading discussions, managing online course aids (e.g., Sakai), advising students, and proctoring exams. TAs may be asked to offer a lecture or teach a class session, depending on the course. Professors are expected to clarify at the start of the semester TA roles and responsibilities. The current salary for a TA is $6,000 (payment is dependent on the applicant's funding status)

How to Apply

These positions are open to all Duke University Arts & Sciences doctoral students with preference given to students enrolled in the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies’ Certificate or the Graduate Scholars Colloquium. Master's or M.F.A. students may be eligible as well.

GSFS issues calls for TA roles over emails and on this website.  Duke Ph.D. students may write asking about openings or expressing interest in the TA role at any time.

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