Graduate Instructors

Each year, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies selects two or more students to teach undergraduate courses through a competitive process. Graduate Instructors teach specific courses in the GSF undergraduate curriculum. Most graduate instructor positions are awarded to advanced graduate students; priority is given to students in the GSF Certificate program. Acting as a TA in GSF offers excellent preparation for these courses and we especially welcome applicants who have filled a TA role in the GSF program. More information will be given in an email call for applications.

Instructorships are considered preparation for the field of Gender, Sexuality, Women's Studies and allied interdisciplinary fields. The best teaching experience for this field lies in courses that are recognizable within the Gender Studies curricula in general, rather than specialized topics. These courses are interdisciplinary in nature and must integrate gender, race, class, and sexuality. We are most interested in courses that reach new student bodies and that can potentially attract new majors, minors, and enrollments. In particular, courses that might appeal to undergraduate students in such tracks as Global Health, Public Policy, Pre-Med, STEM fields, and Social Sciences are especially welcome. We also welcome courses that enhance our offerings in underrepresented areas, for example through foci on black and Latinx feminism, STEM, or lower-level courses for the minor in sexuality studies (not queer theory). 

We are interested in syllabi that:

  • are accessible, pitched to the appropriate level for Duke undergraduates for the specific course (e.g., generalist, non-majors);
  • will encourage students to take further Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies courses and consider the GSF major or minor;
  • expand students intersectional understanding of the connections between gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and class;
  • fulfill existing general education requirements in University Curriculum. Where relevant, course proposals that can be designated as Writing (W) or Research (R) and first-year seminars are welcome.

How to Apply

Graduate Instructorships are open to all doctoral students with preference given to students enrolled in the Certificate in Feminist Studies. (For non-Ph.D. terminal-degree students, please contact the DGS to discuss your application.) Generally we send out calls over email for applications.

Follow any specific guidelines given in the call. Your application should include a CV and a 1-2 page preliminary syllabus of the proposed course, and the following information:

  • name, preferred address, phone number and email address;
  • brief statement of your departmental status (year; pre/post prelims; research areas); 
  • statement of prior teaching experiences (include TAships);
  • description of coursework or other work that has served as preparation for teaching proposed class;  
  • the semester you are available to teach (Fall or Spring)

You can discuss your proposed course in advance with the DGS. For further information, please contact Kim Carlisle at 919 684-3770 or