Graduate Instructors

In order to train students for careers in Gender Studies, each year, GSF offers two students to teach undergraduate courses through a competitive process. Graduate Instructors teach specific courses in the GSF undergraduate curriculum. Priority is given to students in the GSF Certificate program and to those who have not had much teaching experience. Relevant expertise for the available courses also factors into selection.

Acting as a TA in GSF offers excellent preparation for this instructorship: we especially welcome applicants who have filled a TA role in the GSF program.

The Graduate Instructorship is based on these rationales:

  1. Pedagogical Training. Instructorships provide preparation for teaching in the interdisciplinary field of Gender, Sexuality, Women's Studies. The best experience for this field (and for its job market) comes from courses that are familiar elements of general Gender Studies curricula, rather than highly specialized topics. The DGS and other GSF faculty are available to mentor instructors in course design and classroom practices. 
  2. Adequate Enrollment. Our selection of course offerings aims to secure adequate enrollments for Grad Instructor courses by reaching new student bodies and appealing to such popular majors as Global Health, Public Policy, Pre-Med, STEM fields, and Computer Science.
  3. Curricular Scope. We also also consider courses that enhance our offerings in important underrepresented areas in the GSF field, for example, Transgender Studies, Latinx feminism, STEM fields, or lower-level courses for the minor in sexuality studies.
  4. Curricular Coverage. Occasionally, in the event of faculty leaves, we may offer another GSF course for a Graduate Instructorship.

We are interested in syllabi that:

  • are accessible, pitched to the appropriate level for Duke undergraduates for the specific course (e.g., generalist, non-majors);
  • will encourage students to take further Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies courses and consider the GSF major or minor;
  • expand students intersectional understanding of the connections between gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and class;
  • fulfill existing general education requirements in University Curriculum. Where relevant, course proposals that can be designated as Writing (W) or Research (R) and other Areas of Knowledge or Modes of Inquiry codes are especially welcome;
  • might be available for a cross-list with another department, particularly one of Duke's large majors. (If selected, instructors are encouraged to try to receive cross-listing from appropriate departments.)

How to Apply

Graduate Instructorships are open to all doctoral students with preference given to students enrolled in the Certificate in Feminist Studies. (For non-Ph.D. terminal-degree students, please contact the DGS to discuss your application.) Generally we send calls over email for applications.

Follow any specific guidelines given in the call and click on the link given to the online application. Your application should include a 1-2 page preliminary syllabus of the proposed course.

You can discuss your proposed course in advance with the DGS. For further information, please contact the DGSA or GSF Business Manager.

Click here to apply online.