Queering Communities of Care


Speaker(s): Devynn Emory and Gabriel Garcia Roman
Revaluing Care in the Global Economy, Visualizing Care Series presents artists Devynn Emory and Gabriel Garcia Roman in conversation with Pedro Lasch (Artist & Research Professor of Art, Duke University) and Peter Sigal (Professor of History and Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Duke University.

How do we visualize care? In particular: How do we make care more visible, and how can we defamiliarize the naturalized and often common-sensical representations of care? And how can we develop a new vocabulary of care - visual, auditory, lexical, etc., - to help us to represent care in new ways?

"Queering Communities of Care" launches a series of conversations and accompanying exhibits in which we invite artists, activists, and academics to help us explore these questions. Devynn Emory and Gabriel Garcia Roman will consider how we envision care beyond cis/heteronormative norms and how artistic practices help to trouble the problems of queering care and creating new networks and kinships.
Online Visualizing Care Art Exhibit at https://visualizingcare.com

Artists in Exhibition
Anna Brody
Devynn Emory
Eleni Tomadaki
Ayan Felix
Ayling Zulema Dominguez
Luca Asta
Gabriel Garcia Roman

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies


Humanities Unbounded

Queering Communities of Care


Wynmor, Julie