Megan Huchko, B.A. 1997

Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Global Health

Professor Huchko is an Ob/gyn focused on global women's health, working at Duke as a clinician, researcher and professor of an undergraduate course.

How has being a Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (formerly Women's Studies) graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?

"It has profoundly shaped my career direction--I now teach a course cross-listed in the Department! After graduation, I studied the impact of the underground feminist movement on the post-Franco government structure through a Fulbright scholarship. While there, I used domestic violence policy, resources and attitudes as a case study to describe women's social status 15 years after the new constitution. That interest followed through med school, residency, fellowship and into my research career. My clinical care has focused on diseases of disparity, and coming back to Duke allowed me the opportunity to develop a course (Global Sexual and Reproductive Health) that explores the social and structural factors that impact health outcomes around the world."

Megan Huchko