Jessica Van Meir, B.A. 2017

Senior Legal Analyst at AO Advocates

After leaving Duke, Jessica obtained her master's in Development Studies at Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar, and then returned home to Georgia to work on Stacey Abrams' campaign for Governor. In 2019, She joined McAllister Olivarius, a US and UK law firm representing victims of employment discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, and non-consensual pornography. In 2020, She joined their sister firm AO Advocates, representing victims of child sexual abuse.

How has being a Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (formerly Women's Studies) graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?

"My minor in GSF has provided me a strong theoretical foundation in feminist theory and histories of activism that constantly informs my work defending women's rights and combatting sexual violence. They have helped me to develop the ideological standings that drive my career ambitions and understand how to most effectively advocate for gender and sexual equality."

Jessica Van Meir