Cara Peterson, B.A. 2015

Middle & High School English Teacher, Writer/ Aspiring Author, Artist

Cara has been working on her book The Effortless Perfection Myth about the gender issues today's women run into in college for the last 5 years and growing her platform through public speaking and publishing articles with Inside Higher Ed, The Week, She Knows Media, Ms. Magazine, Rewire News, and Bustle. She is eager to connect with fellow feminist writers/authors for support on her publishing journey. Cara is also an English teacher and multi-medium artist.

How has being a Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (formerly Women's Studies) graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?

"My major provided me with the knowledge and skills to complete my book The Effortless Perfection Myth. It has given me structural knowledge of the world around me necessary to succeed and made me a strong candidate for positions at the two all-girl secondary schools at which I have/do work. Not to mention the intersectional focus/training has made me a better teacher and allowed me to launch the first ever Gay-Straight Alliance at my school."

Cara Peterson