Collage of GSF course images.
Collage of 5 photos - a group picture of participants. Two pictures of a lecture of discussion happening in side a parlor and one picture of participants outside talking on the porch of the building.
Jennifer Nash Portrait - African American woman wearing black top.
New Chair Jennifer Nash's Aim for GSF

About Us

The Program in Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies is dedicated to exploring gender identities, relations, practices, theories and institutions. The students who enroll in our classes each semester gain the opportunity to understand how social, historical, and psychological forces, organized by the central concept of gender, shape them as individuals; attain a fuller understanding of human behavior, culture, and society; acquaint themselves with the experiences of those of different economic classes, sexual orientations, and cultural and racial backgrounds; and transfer the critical and analytical skills they acquire in the study of gender and society to other classes, beyond the campus to other activities, and eventually to their professional careers.

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Student Voices

Danica Schwartz
 Majoring in GSF Studies provides one with the tools to work to instill equity across gender, race, culture, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. 
- Danica Schwartz, GSF Class of 2023

Alumni Spotlight

Class of 2018, Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion  "Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies provided me with a theoretical foundation and research skills upon which to build practical strategy and programming in diversity and…
Susan D. Brown is a tenured Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on behavior change interventions for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease prevention, particularly among…
How has being a Women’s Studies/Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies graduate from Duke University help shape your professional success? "It has inspired my professional career aspirations. I am now a professor of gender and sexuality studies…
Pink Parlor

East Duke Parlors

The elegant and comfortable East Duke Parlors have been the site for countless GSF events, as well as many other Duke University lectures and meetings. With their Victorian beauty and splendor, the Pink and Blue parlors can provide your event with a memorable setting.

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