Graduate Scholars Colloquium

"The Graduate Scholars Colloquium provided the ideal platform on which I could grow as a feminist intellectual. In retrospect, I can say that my time as a Graduate Scholar showed me how feminism could be both a rigorous form of theoretical inquiry and a rewarding practice of academic collaboration."

Kinohi Nishikawa
(Ph.D. in Literature and Certificate in Feminist Studies 2010)
Assistant Professor of English, University of Notre Dame

The Graduate Scholars Colloquium provides a site of vibrant intellectual exchange and engagement for graduate students across the disciplines engaged in the study of gender and its multiple social, cultural, political and material implications. The colloquium is designed to address a range of issues emerging out of the work of its participants, as well as other urgent questions in the field of Feminist Studies. In addition to graduate students (M.A., Ph.D., M.F.A., and professional students), faculty and postdocs participate in the colloquium. Currently, the Graduate Scholars community is over 50 strong. 

The colloquium is led by two student leaders each year who are responsible for soliciting and scheduling presentations from other graduate students and respondents, who may be graduate students or faculty. Maryann Murtagh (Literature) and Chase Gregory (Literature) are the Colloquium Leaders for 2017-18.

Dinner is provided at each meeting which begins at 6 p.m. in the East Duke Parlors. Meetings are held throughout the year. The Graduate Scholars Colloquium is guided by the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Ara Wilson (

For the most current information, please check the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies' Colloquium calendar.

How to Join

You can request to join the Colloquium by completing the online application.