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  • Race, Gender and Sexuality

     WOMENST 364S 

  • Critical Genealogies in Middle East Studies

      WOMENST 740S 

  • Study of Sexualities

     WOMENST 202S 

  • Women and the Political Process

     WOMENST 225S 

  • Interdisciplinary Debates: Black Feminist Thought & Practice

    WOMENST 960S 

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Transgender Studies

The GSF program is host to a new series on Transgender Studies and the Humanities. It includes developments in curriculum and a series of events and workshops. Funded by the Franklin Humanities Center. • Our first event is "Incarcerating Transgender People," Thursday Sept. 26 at… Read More...
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Gabriel Rosenberg in Mother Jones

Livestock breeding was a normal part of American life at the dawn of the 20th century, according to historian Gabriel Rosenberg. The United States, he toldGastropod, was "still largely a rural and agricultural society," and farm animals—and thus some more-or-less scientific forms of selective breeding—were… Read More...
    • Meet the new PostDoc: Mecca Jamilah Sullivan

Meet the new postdoc

The GSF postdoctoral fellow for 2016-17 is Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass Amherst, with a .Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Temple University, and a B.A. in… Read More...
    • minor in sexuality studies

New minor in Sexuality Studies!

Duke now has a new minor in Sexuality Studies! The minor is ideal for students in any major interested in sexuality and health, policy, and culture and LGBT concerns. It requires one introductory course (WST 202/ SXL 199s, offered this term) and four electives. For… Read More...
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