Global Gender Studies: Interdepartmental Major in GSF and ICS

Global Gender Studies offers a focused curriculum drawn from the Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies and the Program in International Comparative Studies. The interdepartmental undergraduate major, which is composed of 14 courses, explores gender, sexuality, and feminism across academic disciplines. It allows majors to consider how gender, sexuality, and feminism -- as ideas, categories, identities, experiences, or sources of political and cultural conflict -- develop historically in particular places and communities and at global or transnational scales.

The four required courses in Global Gender Studies focus on theory, practice, and politics. They address representation, epistemology, and ontology, as well as poverty, development, environmentalism, demography, reproduction, nationalism, indigeneity, and decolonization. They consider gender and sexuality through embodiment and intimacy; colonialism and imperialism; racism and classism; politics and economics; family and ecology.

Each student major chooses an additional 10 courses to further explore their areas of interest in Global Gender Studies from a wide range of options in ICS, GSF, and many other departments.

No Independent Studies may be counted toward the 14 courses required to complete the Global Gender Studies major.

Global Gender Studies provides opportunities for students to complete individual research and creative projects in courses that carry the R code. Students interested in completing a comprehensive research project under faculty guidance may apply to the GGS Honors/Distinction Program in spring of their junior year. Completion of the GGS Honors/Distinction Program requires majors to enroll in two additional course credits in their senior year, for a total of 16 credits.

Graduating seniors in Global Gender Studies will be listed in the International Comparative Studies and the Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies commencement programs. They (and their guests) will be part of the GSF Commencement Ceremony and will receive their degrees at that event.


Global Gender Studies IDM Major Requirements

4 Required Courses

ICS 195—Comparative Approaches to Global Issues

GSF 199S—Thinking Gender: An Introduction to Feminist Theory

GSF 369S—Transnational Feminism

ICS 489S or ICS 495S—Capstone Seminar in Global Studies or Honors Thesis Seminar. If a GGS honors student chooses to take ICS 495S in fall to fulfill this requirement, they must also take ICS 496S in spring.

5 Qualifying ICS Courses for GGS

Two of the five courses must be taught by ICS Core Faculty.

The remaining three are chosen from the GGS interdisciplinary courses approved for ICS (these offerings vary from term to term).

No more than one of the five courses may be numbered below the 100-level.

One of the five courses must be numbered at the 400-level or above.

5 GSF-Origin Courses for GGS

All five courses must originate within the Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies.

No more than one of the five courses may be numbered below the 100-level.

At least two of the five courses must be numbered at the 300-level or above.

Curricular Planning Form

Each GGS major must maintain a Curricular Planning Form that tracks their progress in the major. The form must be updated with and approved by a GGS advisor each semester during the pre-registration advising period.