Sample Schedule: Distinction Project

A sample schedule for the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Honors with Distinction program is below. Please note that a specific schedule will be worked out with your specific advisor:

December: Annotated Bibliography—a short paragraph on each book or article summarizing thesis and value to project—and a rough, tentative outline should be given to your primary reader/advisor

Beginning of January: First draft is due to primary. This draft can have some sections of the thesis still in outline form only, but at least 2/3 of the manuscript should be written out at this point. Incomplete footnotes and embedded questions are acceptable.

End of January: First draft returned to student. You and your primary should be in good communication about the development of the thesis. You should also contact secondary readers—at least once during this period—with updates and relevant questions. (Primary readers should also contact secondaries at least once during this period with an initial evaluation of project.)

First week of March: Revised draft to be turned in to both primary and secondary readers. Revised draft means all sections are written out completely, no outlines are acceptable. All notes must be completed. Although primaries and secondaries will have feedback and ask for revisions relating to style, content, and argument, you should view this ‘draft’ as a completed manuscript.

Mid-March: Revised draft returned to student.

First week of April: Final draft given to primary and secondary readers. Final draft means completed project. Readers may have feedback relating to grammar and typos only. There are no possibilities of major revisions at this point.

April 15: Decision to students. (Readers return manuscript only if clerical errors are found.)

April (usually the last day of classes), 3:00 pm, Parlors: Presentation and celebration. Students turn in one copy on acid-free paper to Sheila Devis in the GSFS office for the GSFS Library.