Resources and Final Evaluation

Library Resources for Honors Students

The Duke Libraries have a website describing resources available to students completing an honors project: GSF students are encouraged to early in the process review archival sources relevant to their interests available at the The Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture on West Campus: Students are encouraged to set up a meeting with a staff member to learn what might be available that is relevant to their interests.  

Research Funding Support

Final Evaluation

  • The final thesis will be evaluated by a three-person committee consisting of the thesis advisor, the second reader, and the DHP (or a third GSF faculty member if the DHP is directing or second reader). This committee will evaluate the thesis, agree on a grade, and file a brief written assessment of its merits with the DHP based on the Honors Rubric (see below).
  • Students who have continued to be successful in GSF courses and completed a thesis that earned a B+ or above will be awarded one level, Distinction.
  • Theses of extraordinary quality will be considered for a GSF Honors Thesis Distinction Prize. This prize may be awarded to more than one thesis or to no thesis in a given year.


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