Nathan Bullock

Nathan Bullock

Graduate Assistant

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Nathan F. Bullock is an ABD Ph.D. student working with Dr. Annabel J. Wharton and a candidate for the certificate in feminist theory. Nathan works on the history and theory of architecture and urbanism. His multidisciplinary background informs his historical approach and methodology in conducting research for his dissertation on the performance of citizenship in contemporary Singapore. This project incorporates theater and performance theory as a key tool in creating a postcolonial contrapuntal reading of the urban built environment in Singapore. He is also interested in curation and urban policy.
Nathan's committee includes Drs. Gennifer Weisenfeld, Kristine Stiles, and Elizabeth Grosz.

B.A., magna cum laude, History & International Studies - University of Richmond
M.A. Comparative Literature - Dartmouth College
M.Sc. (Research) Human Geography & Urban Studies - London School of Economics and Political Science

Bullock, N. F. “Lacan on urban development and national identity in a global city: Integrated Resorts in Singapore.” Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, vol. 35, no. 2, Jan. 2014, pp. 213–27. Scopus, doi:10.1111/sjtg.12062. Full Text

Deconstructing Disney: The Architecture of Paul and Damon McCarthy's Pirate Party. Curator. Exhibit Essay (2015)


Paul and Damon McCarthy’s Pirate Party (2005) deconstructs the values represented in the Disney-infused architectural fantasy of the ride “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the American culture that it purports to represent and contributes to inventing. The McCarthys’ playful, disturbing performance of sex and gore takes place in an impermanent architectural stage set comprised of a makeshift pirate’s ship and a rickety town with windows open to bedrooms. This proscenium configuration unsettles while it unmasks the simulacra of the hidden violence of Disneyland in a radical, performative, architectural space that equally requires museums and galleries to transform their own settings into anti-Disney sites.