Nomination Requirements and Application

Students seeking to write an honors project in GSF must meet the following threshold requirements:
  • be a declared GSF major who has completed GSF 199: Thinking Gender: An Introduction to Feminist Theory no later than the end of the Junior/Third Year (sixth term);

  •  have completed two to three additional GSF core courses (typically taught at the 300 level) by the end of the Junior/Third year (six terms); and

  •  have a minimum GPA of 3.3 in all Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies courses that count for the major by the end of the Junior/Third year (six terms).

In addition to the threshold requirements, a junior must discuss their tentative plans with their GSF advisor or the GSF Director of the Honors Program (DHP) at no later than the middle of spring term.

This faculty member will advise them on approaching a potential thesis advisor, typically a core faculty member in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, or occasionally an associated member of the GSF faculty. A professor is more likely to agree to such a serious commitment of mentorship if the student has already completed at least one course with them and demonstrated promise for success in an honors project through their intellectual curiosity, openness to feedback, ability to revise and rewrite, ability to identify the stakes of an argument, and ability to balance close reading and analysis with larger questions of relevance in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies.

NOTE: Students who do not meet one of these requirements may make a case for an exception in writing to the Director of the Honors Program, who has discretion to grant such an exception in consultation with relevant faculty.

The Honors Thesis Application

The honors thesis online application is due by April 1st of junior year to the Director of the Honors Program of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies. This deadline may be extended in situations where a student meets with the DHP to make a case.  Within the online application, please upload your written research proposal and a bibliography of approximately 1,500 words that fulfill recognized academic citation requirements; multiple universities offer online guidelines for preparing a research proposal and bibliography, including this one:   

In addition, An email from the potential thesis advisor affirming their commitment to supervising the project on the basis of its relative merits and the student’s potential for success that is sent directly to the GSF Director of Honors (