Dr. Anna Storti's Students Create a Class Instagram

Students from Dr. Storti's class gathered for a selfie

Dr. Anna Storti’s Intro to Asian American and Diaspora Studies course shared an Instagram post to promote the class and share some of what they are learning.

“Hi! We are the Spring 2024 class of Intro to Asian American and Diaspora Studies. Welcome to our AADStagram😎 We are taught by the amazing Dr. Anna Storti aka we are Storti’s Scholars. In Duke’s centennial year, we are proud to be one of the first official cohorts of AADS students in Duke’s history. The AADS program has been made possible through decades of tireless organizing and advocacy by Asian and Asian American students at Duke.

We hope to use this page to introduce ourselves, share Asian American history, art, and culture that resonates with us, and highlight events and people at Duke and beyond who have contributed to the diverse and dynamic field that is Asian American Studies. Stay tuned!”

Check out their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/aadstagram24/.