Travel & Conference Awards

In order to encourage Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies students (both undergraduate and graduate students) to attend interdisciplinary events, to present their research at academic or professional conferences, and to take part in special projects where they can deepen their feminist education, the program offers travel and research funding each year. A limited number of grants of up to $500 each (as reimbursement, per university policy) are available to students twice a year. To apply students should complete the online Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies Travel Award application that details the purpose of the travel, its educational importance and a budget. 

In addition, the GSF graduate program offers a separate $600 travel award to any Duke graduate student presenting a paper (i.e., that is accepted) at the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) annual conference. Generally paper proposals are due in February and the NWSA conference is held in November. The NWSA membership fee is due at the time of submission. GSF will distribute three free student NWSA institutional memberships to the first three students who submit their NWSA Conference Award applications. All other students applying will be reimbursed for their membership fee when they submit their NWSA Conference Award application. NWSA may offer travel support as well. For advice on submissions, consult the DGS or other GSF faculty. To apply for the NWSA Conference Award, Graduates Students should complete the online NWSA Conference Award application.


The Fall deadline is October 1 (for travel November through May) and the Summer deadline is April 5 (for travel June through October). The NWSA Conference Award is due March 25; the GSF award is contingent upon your paper being accepted for presentation. Awards are not given outside of the established cycles. This award is only for GSF Majors, Minors and Certificate students.

Duke Travel Requirements

If undertaking any sort of research with living people, it is critical that you review the Human Subjects protocol to determine if your project needs review; this includes research projects that involve interviewing individuals. Speak to your faculty advisor and contact 684-3030 or for additional information and assistance.

Please note that you are required to review the University Travel Policy and complete the online global Travel Registration Form before traveling internationally. Please confirm your completion of the Travel Registry by forwarding the confirmation email you receive after you process the form to