First Annual Feminist Theory Workshop

The Feminist Theory Workshop is a two day event featuring keynote lectures and working seminars.

Why Feminist Theory?
  • Because is asks important questions.
  • Because it teaches us how to think.
  • Because thinking is necessary fro transformations.
Why a Workshop?
  • Because we need to study our questions.
  • Because our questions are never ours alone.
  • Because thinking takes time.




Robyn Wiegman

Duke University

Clare Hemmings

London School of Economics

Inderpal Grewal

University of California, Irvine

Lisa Lowe

University of California, San Diego

Hortense Spillers

Vanderbilt University

Elizabeth Grosz

Rutgers University


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First Annual Feminist Theory Workshop
March 23, 2007 to March 24, 2007
Duke University


Keynote: Elizabeth Grosz
Keynote: Hortense Spillers
Keynote: Lisa Lowe
Keynote: Inderpal Grewal
Keynote: Clare Hemmings
Opening Remarks: Robyn Wiegman