Jennifer Mohr Hyde

Class of 1994,

Dr. Hyde is a primary care pediatrician and partner in a practice with three offices in Eastern Massachusetts, near Boston. They are affiliated with Boston Childrens Hospital and she is the chair of the board of the PPOC, their primary care network. As a pediatrician She cares for illness and promotes wellness in children from birth through young adulthood. As chair of the board, Jennifer works to improve quality of care and reduce healthcare disparities for children across their network.

How has being a Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (formerly Women's Studies) graduate from Duke University help shape your professional success?

Having a background in Women’s Studies has prepared me well to face gender inequities that appeared as I rose in my career. I feel like I started my postsecondary education and training on a foundation of strength and inspiration. I work hard with my young patients to help them accept and love who they are. I am working on increasing representation and diversity for my network. Seeing myself and my role in the larger framework of society is a gift I received at Duke. Thank you Jean O’Barr.


Jennifer Mohr Hyde
Managing Partner for Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates