Dana Zenobi

Professional Background: 

I balance my time between performing as a classical singer and teaching music.

How has being a Women’s Studies/Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies graduate from Duke University help shape your professional success?

"My Gender, Sexuality and Feminist studies at Duke provided me with tools and perspectives that continue to inform my professional work as a performer and teacher. On the recital stage, I have channeled this interest into a focus on interpreting art song by women composers, for which I have received national recognition. In the voice studio, I teach as part of the Representing Gender interdisciplinary course cluster, which allows me to use a gender lens to explore music repertoire and interpretations with students. The interdisciplinary nature of the field allows it to enhance work in the music field."

Dana Zenobi
Class of: 
Professional Title: 
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
Southwestern University