Robert Franco



I am a historian of gender and sexuality specializing in modern Mexico. Overall, my research interests lie in the struggles and outcomes of the politicization of private life. My dissertation, "Revolution in the Sheets: The Sexual Politics and Intimate Practices of the Mexican Left," explores the issues of homophobia, heterosexism, and antagonism towards sexual politics in the Mexican Left during the twentieth century. It aims to demonstrate how moments of visceral intolerance cannot solely be explained through notions of plain conservatism or subconscious repugnance. Rather, the contingent, and often strategic, rejection of sexual politics among leftists encapsulated larger social anxieties and carried symbolic weight in the face of political upheaval.

I graduated with a B.A. in History (summa cum laude and departmental honors) from the University of Pennsylvania. My primary advisor is Dr. Jocelyn Olcott.