The Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Program offers several awards to Duke graduate students.

Follow the links for more information. All qualified Duke graduate students may apply; priority is given to PhD students enrolled in the Certificate Program in Feminist Studies.

Dissertation Fellowships

The Graduate School funds two dissertation fellowships housed in the Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies Program.

Travel and Conference Awards

In order to encourage Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies students to attend interdisciplinary events, to present their research at academic or professional conferences, and to take part in special projects where they can deepen their feminist education, the program offers travel and research funding each year.  A limited number of grants of up to $500 each (as reimbursement, per university policy) are available to students twice a year.

In addition, the GSF graduate program offers a separate $500 travel award to any Duke graduate student presenting a paper (i.e., that is accepted) at the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) annual conference.

Research and Service: Named Awards

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies administers named awards to currently enrolled Duke students in recognition of outstanding research and service: The Ernestine Friedl Research Award , The Gender and Race Award, The Dora Anne Little Award, and The Anne McDougall Memorial Award (through History). Each award has specific requirements and requires separate applications for each award. Follow the link to Research and Service Awards above and to the left for more information and application information.


Click here to apply on-line


October 1 (for travel Nov through May) 

May 11 (for travel June through Oct)

NWSA applicants apply on either deadline; notify the DGS when your paper has been accepted (generally early summer). 

If you are engaging in international travel you must read and register here:  

Contact for additional information.


Be sure to read the specific requirements for each award by clicking on the award name (see text left)  as well as complete the online Named Awards application. To access the application, you must click on the individual award link.

DEADLINE: March 15, 2017



The Graduate School maintains an extensive website with information on Fellowships and Research.

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